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About My Pen Pals

Our kits are a great way for parents to find a balance for their children between using screens and engaging in more educational activities like My Pen Pals.

Unfortunately, nearly one quarter of pre-primary students in public schools lack basic literacy skills, such as the ability to write their names. Children need every bit of help they can get to be good learners and the Pen Pal characters are on every page, full of encouragement and basic instructions to guide them along the way.

There are different kits for different skill levels, including Pre-Writing which focuses on pencil control the Maths Kit which includes shapes and numbers and the Writing Kit. Each kit is fully reusable thanks to the dry-erase pockets and they are all personalised with your child’s name, giving them ownership of the activity. We provide colourful markers and a fantastic draw-string carry backpack to make them easy to carry and store away.